Saturday, May 8, 2010

The gigantic universe of book review blogs

And they are often gorgeous looking and are run by people who read seven or eight books a month, even if they are working, pregnant, and also garden and bake. (I do, but I'm not and I certainly don't.) There are monthly or yearly Challenges -- read French historical romances, read Tudor historical novels, read art history, read Jean Plaidy, read graphic novels -- and the happy blogrolls on the sidebars groan (like a sideboard?) with material. For your surfing pleasure, here's just a tiny bit of it:

So Many Books

Victorian Geek

The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century -- so charming, but dear Madam, do please attend to your grammar. " ... an heiress whom suffered an unfortunate dancing accident which left her prematurely in the throws of death." It makes Death sound like an eiderdown quilt. And a very slow moving one. If Madam is not a native English speaker, then I apologize.

Enchanted by Josephine

Blogging the Canon (refreshingly male -- not so much about queens and princesses)

Magnificent Octopus

The Blog Jar

Whispering Gums (the tree, or what holds your teeth in place? Not sure.)

Wuthering Expectations (Wow.)

And, an honorable mention for sheer cuteness:

Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog

I am about to begin Hilaire Belloc's biography of Oliver Cromwell (1934). I aver it, just to prove that my "chops," is that the word? -- are in somewhat good repair.


  1. I kind of like the idea of Death as an eiderdown quilt. But then, I like to throe frisbees and the occasional party.

  2. You could save tiem by throeing frisbees at the party. But you might hit somebody. Hee hee.